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New Team-Building Options

A successful team is more effective, successful, and successful – not to mention happier and more enjoyable to work with! But forming a team at work may be challenging, especially since regular team-building exercises tend to raise eyebrows more than high-fives. The Game Show Experience thinks workplace team-building activities are the way to go, whether you were hired to organize some team-building efforts or you simply consider your team needs to get together and do something enjoyable.

Even when your team is spread apart, there are many choices for online team-building exercises. Even adults can have fun!

We've got some clever, entertaining, and valuable ideas for you below.

Organizing a team-building event can be challenging, but we are here to help. Explore our website for some fantastic ideas regarding categories and themes, have fun! For more information please visit:

A Condensing Container For Innovative Approaches To Problem Solving

What you'll need:

Something to indicate a space on the floor, such as a rope, a blanket, or tape


Create a space on the floor large enough for everyone in your group (or several smaller teams), and have them all stand in that space. The space should then be gradually reduced, forcing the team to think quickly and collaborate in order to keep everyone within the ever-shrinking confines as they are reduced.

Skills in the areas of Salt and Pepper: Communication

What you'll need:

In addition to the tape, a pen, and a scrap of paper for each worker, compile a list of well-known pair combinations (think peanut butter and jelly, Mario and Luigi, or salt and pepper).


On each sheet of paper, note down the halves of each pair (Mario on one piece, Luigi on another, and so on). After tapping one piece of paper to each person's back, have everyone interact with one another while attempting to decipher the word that is written on their back.

The regulation states they can only question each other using yes or no answers.

After they have determined their word, the next step is for them to discover the other member of their pair. When they do, have the two of them sit down and come up with three things that are common among the two of them while the rest of the team moves on.

A Coat Of Arms For: Strengthening the Unity

You are going to require some paper, pens, and markers. A coat of arms for your corporation should be delegated to teams. Draw anything in the first space that represents a recent accomplishment you've had. Draw anything in the second space that embodies the core principles that guide your business. Draw anything in the third space that depicts your vision for the firm's future and how you see it progressing. A finished coat of arms should be displayed in your office.

Egg Drop for: Creative Problem Solving And Teamwork

What you will require:

A box of eggs; fundamental building supplies such as newspapers, straws, tape, plastic wrap, balloons, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks; a tarp or drop cloth; a parking lot; or any location where you don't mind getting dirty!


Create teams out of the participants and give each group between twenty and thirty minutes to design and build a container that can protect an egg from being dropped from a height of two stories (or however high you choose). If there is a deadlock at the end of the competition, you should gradually raise the bar such that only one person is left standing as the winner.

Treasure Hunt: Skills in Working Together and Developing a Sense of Community Within the Group

You will require a pen and some paper for this.

An old-school activity for bringing the team closer together, which we designed ourselves! Create a list of exciting activities to find or do outside your office by dividing everyone into groups and discussing your ideas. Make it each team's objective to locate everything on that list and take photographs of everything within a predetermined amount of time. The winning team finishes each task on the list first.

Host a corporate or team-building trivia event with us! The Game Show Experience offers unique services and interactive entertainment for gatherings of all sizes. For more information please visit:


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