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Game Show Set

Now Available in In-Person and Virtual Formats!

The Game Show Experience  Ice Breakers are "Get to Know You" Virtual Events!

Our light-hearted, humorous, non-invasive icebreakers can be used to help recent onboards feel comfortable around their new coworkers, and help experienced employees build a rapport with all colleagues! In your expertly hosted event, new and current staff will connect, play and have fun while getting to know each other, by itself or as a great warm-up to any virtual event!


Mix and Match your choice of icebreakers & games:


1) Chatragious - A fun topic is given to players who attempt to give the top 10 answers in the chat for points. 

2) Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Participants engage with a new digital twist on a classic activity. Players will have a speedy 30 seconds to find a specified object from their homes or office. To receive points the object must be brought into camera view and Hit our Virtual digital buzzer before time is up.

3) Game On! Super Trivia -  An exciting atmosphere with friendly competition fueled by fun general knowledge questions that test players' wits and fast recollection of Music, Movies, Literature, Geography, Sports, and more. Players answer via our digital answer system.

4) You… Name That Tune -  Players are given a Keyword and asked to type as many songs they can recall with the keyword in the Title .

5) Never Have I Ever - Fun engaging questions followed by interesting uplifting information.


• Live Host and DJ Co-Host 

• Play on our Authentic mobile Game show set or Streamed from our HD Studio

• Digital Buzzer Answering System

• Player VS Player

• Team VS Team

• Live Leaderboard

• Up to 100 Players

• 20 Min Tech Session


• Team Play with your choice of Team Names

• Custom Questions

• Company and Event Branding 

• Up to 90 Minute Game

• Up to 2K Players

• Hybrid Events Available


Let The Games Begin

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