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Game Show Set


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Game Show Set


GAME ON! TRIVIA NIGHT One of the Best Entertainment Ideas for Fundraising Events There is nothing like an event filled with fun games and laughter. There is no fee to non or not for profit organizations we accept for the program, just 8% of collected fund service cost.​

Using cutting-edge technology, the game is viewed from your computer or tablet –and participants respond in real-time using their phone as the controller. Each game show lasts approximately 60 minutes. Call us to schedule your demo today.


• Live Host and DJ Co-Host 

• Play on our Authentic mobile Game show set or Streamed from our HD Studio

• Digital Buzzer Answering System

• Player VS Player

• Team VS Team

• Live Leaderboard

• Up to 100 Players

• 20 Min Tech Session


• Team Play with your choice of Team Names

• Custom Questions

• Company and Event Branding 

• Up to 90 Minute Game

• Up to 2K Players

• Hybrid Events Available



  • Can we include our own trivia questions we in the gameshow. Is that possible?
    YES! we can customize the theme and / or insert the information you would like to incorporate into the game show and our hosts will gladly include it into our game shows.
  • How do participants play?
    Participants log on to our zoom feed or we can join your preferred streaming service using their computer or tablet. Before they enter the game, each participant will have to enter their name and email to watch our professional host the game show on their screen. They will answer via our digital Buzzer system , no need to download an app.
  • Will you be able to tell us how many people participated in the event?
    Yes, no problem We can generate a record of that for you. If you would like a complete list of all participants, just let us know before the show and we will prepare it for you.
  • Our school/organization is not allowed to give out cash prizes, what can we do?
    No Stress, we can award gift cards instead of cash (Amazon gift cards, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc). Participants will receive the gift cards via email directly after the show just like the cash prizes. Or if you prefer that we send you the winners' names, you can send out the gift cards yourselves.
  • Do we need a Gaming or Casino license for the event?
    No. All of our virtual events are contests of skill and speed in which the outcome is determined by the judgement, knowledge, skill, or physical ability of the participant in the contest, rather than by chance as the controlling factor.

Let The Games Begin

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