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Game Show Set

Now Available in In-Person and Virtual Formats!

Make training, events, presentations, and meetings more impactful and effective with Game On! We Gamify your workforce education to improve employee learning, and mastery of their position, and increase productivity. 


Gamification increases engagement, productivity, and customer retention.


We have created a successful series of steps that create measurably increased information retention from the very first session across all business categories!


Gamification of your workforce education is utilized best as a reward and incentive after your meetings! With the foreknowledge of a game show post your company meeting, workshop, or new product rollout we bring the benefits such as increased engagement, motivation, and education level of the workers. Leaderboards and small rewards are a must in this environment where the staff is competing.

Get Actionable Insights with Game On! Reports

 The detailed report makes it easier to identify the player behind the nickname, spot knowledge gaps, and track progress for our training games. What’s more, you can track participation and completion rates – all in one easy-to-navigate report

How do you get started?

Our gamification experts will guide you while you answer these two simple but important questions:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with gamification?

  • Which of our gamification tools should you choose to achieve those goals?​

We will help you choose the best gamification options, strategies, and elements that will appeal directly to your team and incentivize them to learn and implement.

On Average the Game On! call center clients see these remarkable improvements.

  • Participating agents outperformed peers by 23% 

  • Average call-handle time and boosted customer satisfaction by 9%.

Game On! Gives Employees:

  • Friendly Competition

  • Peer Recognition

  • Visibility

  • Increased Job Satisfaction

Game on! Gives Managers:

  • Visitability into how everyone is doing

  • Ways to improve metrics

  • Lower Turnover

  • Cost Saving


• Live Host and DJ Co-Host 

• Play on our Authentic mobile Game show set or Streamed from our HD Studio

• Digital Buzzer Answering System

• Player VS Player

• Team VS Team

• Live Leaderboard

• Up to 100 Players

• 20 Min Tech Session


• Team Play with your choice of Team Names

• Custom Questions

• Company and Event Branding 

• Up to 90 Minute Game

• Up to 2K Players

• Hybrid Events Available


Let The Games Begin

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