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Game Show Set

Now Available in In-Person and Virtual Formats!

Our most popular game show is now available for companies that have an international presence. The Global Game Show contains fun questions on world events, international culture, famous landmarks, intercontinental sports, world capitals, currency, mega-hit crossover movies, and more! 

This will allow your global audience to compete on a level playing field. 
Now every participant on every continent can interact, have fun and get the Global Game Show Experience!  

THE GAME SHOW EXPERIENCE is an exciting, quick-paced competition combining general knowledge trivia with an amazing soundtrack. Much more than your average game show, our professional hosts make this experience truly one of a kind. Everyone has a chance to win!

Using cutting-edge technology, participants respond in real-time using their phones as the controller. Each game show lasts approximately 60 minutes. Call us to schedule your demo today.

Each time a question appears, participants will have 20 seconds to lock in their answer. A game pin will allow participants to answer questions in real-time via their smart devices. Points will be awarded to those with the correct answer selected. But answer fast in our FAST FIVE Bonus question after every round, where each second that passes takes away from the maximum number of points available.

Our live host, awesome music, &  leaderboard will keep participants motivated and smiling throughout the event. For a more tailored experience, themed games, and question customization, branding is available.


• Live Host and DJ Co-Host 

• Play on our Authentic mobile Game show set or Streamed from our HD Studio

• Digital Buzzer Answering System

• Player VS Player

• Team VS Team

• Live Leaderboard

• Up to 100 Players

• 20 Min Tech Session


• Team Play with your choice of Team Names

• Custom Questions

• Company and Event Branding 

• Up to 90 Minute Game

• Up to 2K Players

• Hybrid Events Available


Let The Games Begin

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