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Game On Trivia is a live team trivia night hosted at great locations. An exciting atmosphere with friendly competition fueled by fun general knowledge questions that test the team’s wits and fast recollection of literature, Geography, TV and movie clues, sports, and more!

Participants play in teams of two to six people. Surprise theme rounds are may be included based on current events, holidays, major sporting events, and more! 

New Contactless digital answering system! 

All shows are shown on screens throughout the bar or restaurant adding a visual component to the show to heighten the experience. Our live hosts keep the energy, tension, and excitement going throughout the 2-hour show. 


Much more than your average game show, our professional hosts make this TRIVIA NIGHT experience truly one of a kind. With four rounds of fun and wager questions, everyone has a chance to win!

Each time a question appears, participants will have 20 seconds to lock in their answer. A game pin will allow participants to answer questions in real-time via their smart devices. Points will be awarded to those with the correct answer selected. But answer fast in our FAST FIVE Bonus question after every round, where each second that passes takes away from the maximum number of points available.

Game Show Set

Bar Managers and Owners Game On! Trivia Night will be a great fit with your bar, with our high-energy professional hosts and fun mix of interactive trivia, music, and mayhem that has our "gamers" coming back week after week! The bottom line is ... Game On Trivia Nights means more money for you week after week!

For over 10 years our clients (restaurants, bars, pubs, etc.) use Game On Trivia as a promotion to increase business, especially during the typically slower weekday nights or to punch up a Friday evening.


 Corporate and Private events are welcome to capitalize on Game On Team Trivia fun.

All shows are shown on screens throughout the bar or restaurant adding a visual component to the show to heighten the experience. Our live hosts keep the energy, tension, and excitement going throughout the 2-hour show

What really sets Game On apart from other Bar Trivia /Pub Trivia is that gameplay is shown on screens throughout the playing area adding a visual dimension for more fun. The show runs for a fast-paced two hours starting at your choice of between 7:00, 730, or 8pm.

Four main things set Game On above the average Trivia night:

1) Professional Live hosts with an entertainment background

2) All questions and answers are shown on TV monitors adding a visual dimension allowing the maximum number of participants.

3) Win, lose, or draw our players come back weekly for the "Game On! Game Show Experience".

4) We do all the promotion you just make sure the beer is cold, and the food is hot we'll do the rest!


5) A second dinner rush to boost your mid-week revenue.

The host location provides the prizes, typically gift certificates or a round of drinks that can be redeemed on the winning team's next visit.

We Promote Your Business:
Your Game On Trivia Night will be promoted on our website, local websites, most major Social media, and on-site in your bar or restaurant with professional full-color point of sale materials.


1) I would like to hear more about your trivia nights... Do you have certain themes?  

Game On Trivia has been running for 8 years at our various locations. Our trivia nights are a fast-paced 2 hours of high energy, with four rounds of exciting trivia that tests players' knowledge in everything from movie, literature, geography, music, pop culture, and sports to mythology. While we do not have overall themed nights, we do have theme rounds reflecting current events, holidays, sporting events.

2) Do you work alone or with a partner? 

Each Game On show consists of a host who reads the questions and answers, and our New digital answer system. This provides a fast-paced and professional show without having teams running all over and ruining the experience.

3) How long have you been doing trivia?

I've been in the entertainment field for about 10 years planning and entertaining weddings, corporate events, and exercise videos. I had the itch to try out for "Millionaire" so to sharpen my skills I went to various Trivia Nights... and was I bored to tears.

I decided right then with the help of my team to put our entertainment experience to work to produce Game On! Trivia Night, and the results according to our venues and weekly players speak for themselves.


We do all the work! 

Game On is a Turnkey event for you. We do all the promotions, ads, and social media blasts, our professional host sets up the fantastically entertaining show! 

Our goal is to boost business within the food and beverage industry by creating a second rush. By meeting this demand, we in turn create a constant revenue stream week after week for you. The best in Bar Trivia!


• Live Host and DJ Co-Host 

• Play on our Authentic mobile Game show set or Streamed from our HD Studio

• Digital Buzzer Answering System

• Player VS Player

• Team VS Team

• Live Leaderboard

• Up to 100 Players

• 20 Min Tech Session


• Team Play with your choice of Team Names

• Custom Questions

• Company and Event Branding 

• Up to 90 Minute Game

• Up to 2K Players

• Hybrid Events Available


Let The Games Begin

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