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Make More Money At Your Bar!

There is a solid reason why trivia nights are so popular: they offer an evening filled with fun and entertainment for whichever establishment you choose to host them in. They have the potential to help boost attendance, particularly on nights that are typically slower than others.

Hosting a trivia night is a terrific idea to consider if you own or operate a bar and want to increase attendance on a night that is generally less busy for your establishment.

These events can bring more people into your establishment by giving them a reason to go to your bar or brewery, particularly on nights that are traditionally slower, such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Since always people have thoroughly enjoyed playing trivia games because it forces them to recall both simple and complex knowledge.

People will come to your facility in large groups because playing trivia is a team sport, which is why you must emphasize this.

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Draw Attendance On Weekdays

Restaurants sometimes operate on very slim profit margins; hence, any opportunity to boost revenue on evenings that tend to be less busy is usually welcome. Most bar owners with whom we've had conversations have told us that hosting trivia evenings have dramatically increased their revenue.

They have the ability to make nights that are traditionally slower, such as Mondays and Tuesdays, busier than Fridays. Trivia nights are an excellent way to encourage friends to get together during the week, unwind after a long and exhausting day consumed with work, and have some friendly competition while having a good time.

Hosting Your Trivia Night

You'll need a few essential materials to get started hosting your own trivia night, including the following:

· Audio equipment (mic and speaker)

· A host

· Trivia questions and answers

· Distributable materials (rules, score sheets)

It is important to remember that when selecting a host from among the members of your team to handle the night's activities, you should choose someone with a natural talent for keeping people entertained. Why not give the most friendly hostess or waitress a shot? We are sure you already have a sense of who they are. If one of your employees also has a fantastic sense of humor, that is a valuable asset.

You need to ensure that you are organized in addition to putting together the fundamentals of your plan. Because of this, your host will need to familiarize themselves with the regulations of the trivia night, the questions and answers, and the overall flow of the event.

In addition, before the beginning of the test, they must check that everything, including the handouts, the sound system, and the video system, is operational.

Making A Profit With Trivia Nights

You are attracting customers to your pub throughout the week when business may be sluggish with the help of trivia nights. Now tell me how doing this is going to make you more money. You will see an increase in the number of regular weekday customers who make larger food and beverage purchases.

They will also remain for a longer period of time. Because most trivia sessions last around two hours, you can be certain that they will stick around until the very end! When you host your first trivia night, you'll be astonished at how many people show up for subsequent ones! Isn't it about time that you hosted your first trivia night if you haven't done so already?

The Game Show Experience is here for you in any capacity should you require the assistance of any kind. We provide you with all that you could possibly need to organize a great trivia night, including everything you need to get started!

What ?? You don’t have 5- 10 hours weekly to spare before hosting a trivia night? You really want your guest to have fun, and if you take shortcuts or rely on novice hosts your event might suffer. We are here to help. For more information please visit:


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