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Don't Let Your Company Holiday Party Become a Liability

Instead of having the event on the weekend or at night, try doing it during the middle of the week, during the afternoon, or on a weeknight, as well as having pleasure at the holiday party without the risk of legal repercussions. Everyone wants to have an exciting and wholesome time! The Game Show Experience brings to you events that will give you a safe and best experience. We also have some great tips!

Inappropriate behavior, such as bullying, sexual harassment, and other forms of misconduct, as well as accidents and injuries, are all possibilities at social events.

Such well-intentioned celebrations could result in employee frustration over feelings or even when being obligated to attend the work function on off-time, having to incur childcare costs to do so, and preferring that the employer demonstrate employee appreciation through a monetary bonus rather than a party. Despite the good intentions of these celebrations, employee frustration may result.

The following are a few suggestions that companies can implement to hold an event that will enhance employee morale while simultaneously reducing their legal liability.

Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is the source of the vast majority of complaints about company parties. When people have had a few drinks, their inhibitions are decreased, which might lead to them participating in behavior or making inappropriate statements about the job.

Keep in mind that even if your event occurs at a different location, the company is still open to allegations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. At a business party, it is possible to lessen the likelihood of employees behaving badly by cutting back on the amount of alcohol offered or eliminating it.

Restrict the kinds of alcoholic beverages that are supplied. Think about serving just beer, wine, and not any alcoholic beverages instead. It should be against the rules to serve shots.

It is a good idea to follow the example set by many sports stadiums and suspend the serving of alcohol before the end of the celebration. This will ensure that employees do not consume alcohol until the end of the event.

Offer a wide variety of beverages that do not include alcohol.

Assign specific workers the responsibility of keeping track of how much alcohol other employees are consuming, and charge them with making sure that no one is driving home while under the influence of alcohol.

Make it clear what is expected of appropriate behavior in the workplace.

Holiday parties at work saw the highest incidence of inappropriate behavior of any other time of the year. Therefore, before the party, you should send out a memo to all of the employees reminding them to behave professionally at the upcoming event and providing them with tips on how to do so, such as limiting the amount of alcohol that they consume, dressing in an appropriate manner, specifying that the company will not be sponsoring any after-party, and discouraging the exchange of gifts while at the party.

It is vital to remind employees that, even if the party is held offsite and not during working hours, employees are still required to comply with the company's anti-harassment policies and will be subjected to strict disciplinary action if they violate these policies or act inappropriately during the event.

It is also important to remind the employees that they are still required to comply with the company's anti-discrimination policies, even if the party is held offsite.

Is Every Person Taken Into Account?

Ensure every employee is invited, and encourage workers of all different races, religions, and ethnicities to come. Because so many different religions celebrate their holidays throughout the month of December, the date of the event should be chosen with great care.

Employers should seriously consider forming a planning group comprising workers from various professional and personal backgrounds. According to Reis, if the planning committee is varied, there is a greater chance that the attendees will be diverse.

Participation must be voluntary because certain employees may not wish to participate in an event connected to a specific religion or practice or that would involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is another reason why participation must be voluntary. In addition, problems with wages and working hours may emerge if attendance is compulsory.


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